Terms and Conditions of SnowBunny’s BackPackers Hostel

  1. Scope
  • These terms and conditions shall apply to contracts regarding the renting of hostel rooms or beds in hostel rooms for accommodation, as well as to all other services of SnowBunny’s BackPackers Hostel that are provided for the customer.
  • The parent company of SnowBunny’s BackPackers Hostel is KiwiEurope EOOD.
  1. Conclusion of the Contract
  • The Contract shall come into effect through the acceptance of the Customer’s application by the Hostel. The acceptance shall take place in the form of a booking confirmation from the Hostel. 
  • Bookings may only be made by people with full legal capacity. The Hostel assumes that there are no restrictions to the legal capacity of the person making the booking.
  • The house rules of the Hostel shall also be part of the Contract. The house rules are displayed in the Hostel. 
  • The customer shall be solely responsible for the accuracy of the booking data transmitted upon conclusion of the contract. They must check this again when they receive the booking confirmation and must disclose any inaccuracies immediately in writing. The Hostel shall not be liable for claims arising from incorrectly entered data. 
  1. Services, prices, payment
  • The Customer is obliged to pay the prices that are applicable at the time of the booking and thus agreed for the rental of the room and the other services booked or claimed by them. 
  • The Hostel reserves the right not to accept certain means of payment and also reserves the right not to accept large notes.
  • The prices will include the taxes and local charges that are applicable at the time of the conclusion of the contract. The Hostel and the Customer shall be bound by the price and the scope of the services agreed upon the conclusion of the Contract. 
  • The Hostel shall be entitled to demand an appropriate advance payment or security, for example in the form of a credit card guarantee, upon conclusion of the Contract.
  • If the booking is not made by a public authority or state institution, the Hostel shall require a security in the form of a credit card guarantee. The Hostel reserves
  •  the right to reject declarations regarding the assumption of the costs in the individual case. The bill shall be sent to the company/institution which has promised to assume the costs. The bill shall then be due for payment immediately after receipt. 
  • Any bank charges and exchange rate differences arising during the payment of the price shall be borne by the Customer. In the event of Declined Cards, the Hostel shall invoice the Customer for the costs. 
  1. Withdrawal of the Customer (cancellation) / Non-utilisation of the booked service

(“No show”)

  • The concluded contract for the provision of services in the area of accommodation shall not be subject to a right of revocation. The Customer shall only be entitled to a right of withdrawal if it is determined by the law or has been expressly agreed contractually and in TEXT form between the Hostel owner and the Customer. 
  • The Customer will pay the full amount of the booking once booked. Cancellation is only available if the Hostel owner agrees to it.
  • The Hostel shall also be entitled to withdraw from the Contract without notice for a justified objective reason, especially if:
    • Force majeure or other circumstances for which the Hostel is not responsible which make the fulfilment of the Contract impossible
    • Rooms are booked with the provision of misleading or false information or the concealment of essential facts; essential facts may include the identity of the Customer, their financial solvency or the purpose of stay.
    • The Hostel has legitimate cause for the assumption that the utilization of the Hostel services may put the smooth operation of the business, the security or the public reputation of the Hostel at risk, without this being attributable to the Hostels management and organization. 
    • The purpose of the reasons for the stay is unlawful. 
    • An infringement against the house rules takes place which means that the continuation of the Contract until its agreed end cannot reasonably be expected of the Hostel, giving due consideration of the interests of both parties. This shall particularly apply if the Customer has already been given a warning by the Hostel on account of this infringement. 
  • The legitimate withdrawal of the Hostel shall not give the Customer grounds to claim compensation for damages.
  1. Arrival and departure, other provisions regarding the hostel stay
  • The customer shall acquire no right to the provision of a specific room, unless the Hostel has confirmed the provision of specific rooms in writing. 
  • Booked rooms shall be available to the Customer at 1 pm on the agreed day of arrival. The Customer shall not be entitled to have his rooms provided earlier. 
  • Booked rooms must be claimed by the Customer by 10 pm at the latest on the agreed day of arrival, unless there is a guaranteed booking which has been confirmed by an advance payment of a credit card guarantee. The Hostel has the right to give the room to another customer (after 10 pm on the same day booking) if there is a no-show and still charge the no-show customer the full amount. 
  • The Hostel reserves the right to ask the Customer for an identity card. 
  • On the agreed day of departure, the rooms must be vacated by 10 am at the latest. If the room is vacated later than this, the Hoste may demand the agreed rent or the rent that is customary for comparable service locally as compensation for the period for which the room is retained. 
  • If the total number of persons arriving exceeds the contractually agreed number of persons, there shall be no entitlement to accommodation for the additional persons. 
  1. Liability and limitation period
  • The Customer shall be liable for damage culpably caused by them. 
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the Hostel. The same applies to the manipulation of smoke alarms of the unauthorized opening of emergency doors. In the event of a contravention, the Hostel reserves the right to withdraw from the contract but still charge the full amount of stay. 
  • The Customers shall not leave luggage and personal items unattended in publicly accessible rooms of the Hostel. The Hostel shall not be liable for items which are left by Customers or visitors in generally accessible rooms of the Hoste., in the luggage room, or in unlocked rooms. 
  • The Hostel shall have no liabilities for damages or injuries which result from the improper use of the furniture.
  1. Web links
  • The online presence of SnowBunny’s Backpackers Hostel may contain hyperlinks to websites of other partners. These hyperlinks are only provided for information purposes. These websites are not controlled by SnowBunny’s Backpackers Hostel, and shall not be responsible for their contents. The inclusion of hyperlinks to such other websites in the online presence implies neither an endorsement of the material that can be found on these websites nor a connection with their operators.